Wise | Gaming Insights – Looking Back, At, and Along to Find a Way Ahead

 “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

 Apology, Plato.


I have been playing games (favoring strategic games) since I can remember, and I have been playing MMORPGs since 1999. I have over that time been more monogamous than perhaps many gamers, but it has not prevented me from understanding what many titles offered. In addition to MMORPGs, I have played many online and offline RPGs (role-playing games), RTSs (Real-time strategy), and online CCGs (collectible card games).

In 2007, I co-founded a guild and began using “Wise” and variations of it as a player name across games. The intention has always been philosophical in nature – I have more questions than answers – I enjoy the collaboration of ideas, the dialectic.

I am a husband to a wonderful wife and a father of two kids. Professionally, I have been a consultant for most of my career, and have had the privilege at a time to be an adjunct philosophy teacher. My passion is in gaming, and investing in people.

The Purpose of this Blog

MMORPGs have evolved greatly over the 15 years that I have enjoyed them, and over that span of time, they have attracted a wider range of players, too. I believe the MMORPG game play and offering evolution has been tied in some part to the range of players now playing them since my first log-on in 1999. Each of us contributes to the development of thought, the implementation of ideas, and the expansion of many “staples.” This occurs through the community voice, through where players spend their time, and what they purchase.

The quantity of MMORPGs are of no lack, but I have begun over the last several years to wonder at their quality. Many titles promise ingenuity or some new system, but I still find what lies ahead to be wrestling with how to break-away or really deliver the performance, replay, and immersion some players seek.

This is not all to say that in mass players are unsatisfied, I have no way of knowing that and with a flood of interest at varying levels in the genre, it is challenging to figure out who is satisfied and who is not, however, I suspect there is some degree of want and some material expectations that still go unmet. The fact that many players are trying different titles to see if it lurks there, and retreat when it does not provides some substance for my suspicion. I have many questions, and I want to pursue the root reasoning for certain design decisions and to press on them to see if there is other paths ahead.

The Blog will look back at popular titles long ago that excited many players and provided tremendous replay, and in so doing the Blog will look at design decisions such as: progression, leveling, gear, stats, exploration, role assignments, specs, currency, movement, questing, achievements, and many others. It will also at times look along many present titles as a reference for the dialectic. The blog seeks new paths forward that improve the design of the games we all so much enjoy playing. Through its course I hope it provides an inkling of insight and inspiration. “Wisdom begins with wonder.” – Socrates; Theatetus, Plato.



2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Today’s MMORPGs are in desperate need of improvement. I know you have lots of ideas and I am looking forward to your articles.


  2. To me, one of the most important factors is the end-game content. Specifically, how replayable is it? For me, if there’s little to no reason to continue running end-game content, the game gets stale very quickly. Looking forward to your posts, Wise!


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